Friday, July 13, 2012

Get out of your own way!!

FORT WORTH, TX, March 19, 2010 - Does anyone remember when the ideal size for the average grown woman was an eight? Yes, you younger folks, size eight. Eight was the measurement of perfection in fashion as well as Main Street America way back when. What happened?
I don‘t have to explain that society and the media portray anyone larger than a four as practically overweight. Why do we accept this??
Size six - too big??? Who made this rule and what makes them right? Simply ludicrous! But I’m not going to defend the various sizes and shapes of people. I don’t have to.
More importantly, somewhere along the way our culture began to equate body size with basic human worth. Have you ever thought that, “If I was only size X, or weighed X pounds I would be happy” or that your life would be complete?
Why is it so easy to think that thin people are happy and have it all? If being thin makes a person happy, explain to me the physiological process by which this happens. Think about it.
Unfortunately our minds work kind of like this:
Overweight = not worth much………10 pounds lost = well, maybe a little …….30 pounds lost = maybe I’m not such a schmuck after all,……50 pounds - THIN = BINGO!! Happy at last. 
Never doubt self-worth again.
Is this real?
No. Human worth doesn’t have thing to do with body size or weight. It’s got everything with Who made you and how you view yourself.
It’s your life. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt was a wise woman.
She understood that we always have a choice in how we see ourselves, no matter what. And that choice is another word for power. The power is yours. Seize it - no one can keep you from it or take it away, except yourself.
Now, get out of your own way and live.

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